Friday, April 29, 2011

Trip Style

My dears,
I'll be on trip to ten days...So, my blog will not  have any posts these days...Enjoy in pics.This is how my dear Darja and I do..:)

P.S. And when I get back, be prepared for something totally new on my blog!

Big kiss

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tom Binns

Irish designer Tom Binns' signature tough-luxe aesthetic blends contemporary elegance with directional detailing. Since the launch of his eponymous label in 2004, he has built a cult following, including Diane Kruger and Drew Barrymore. 
His designs, which feature skull, safety pin and zip embellishment alongside shimmering crystals, will infuse every look with playful punk spirit. 

Jewelry is always a treasure, and though it may not be made of gold and diamonds, it should still have that sentiment.-T.B.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Elle loves Fashion bloggers- behind the scenes

Konacno da vam pokazemo kako je izgledalo nase loodilo tog cuvenog ELLE dana...:))) Morala sam malo da kraduckam, sto se tice slika, od mojih divnih koleginica... Necu mnogo pisati, vec uzivajte u sarenilu chic-a.

P.S. Volela bih, za pocetak da se zahvalim divnoj Vanji (koja me je predlozila za ovu rubriku), naravno Nenadu iz ELLE-a i fotografu Dusanu... i na kraju Darku K, koji nas je ugostio u svom ateljeu.

i jedan bisou za Jelenu K. koja nas je cekala na kafi...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Elle loves Fashion bloggers!

Joyeux anniversaire my dear ELLE Serbia! 
I wish you more collaboration with fashion bloggers..:))
In this issue our Elle proved that love virtual fashion victims 
(my girls and me)

First, I will represent amazing two covers with beautiful Georgina Stojiljkovic:

 ELLE loves us...

Jelena Karakas in Blog box

Are you ready for 6x4 outfits?
Also you must check other blogs: Vanja, Marina, Brana, Anja, Jovana are incredible...