Monday, October 31, 2011

Belgrade Fashion Week Day VII

Belgrade Fashion Week, day VII, the night of young designer part II. Once again we had the honor to enjoy in three totally different collections.
My apsoooolute favorite is JOVANA MARKOVIC

She is my namesake, but  that's not the point .:)  The main reason for my enthusiasm is her playing with leather and studs! My current inspiration, fetish... This season, I became obsessed with studs, spines, fringes and leather ... and Jovana showed it!
She presented to us the collection for fall/winter 2011/12. Her work is inspired by jockeys and horses. Her woman is strong, powerful, observed, authentic, free!
Enjoy the collection! Marina has made incredible photos, you can find here. Vanja has made a fantastic video that can be viewed here.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Belgrade Fashion Week Day VI

Ines Jankovic 

The collection of Ines Jankovic (Amazon Atitude) is inspired by the mysterious ambience of amazonian forests and modern woman ready for the challenges of "urban jungle". Her woman is armed with the three important things: beauty, unique style and attitude.

First, this season THE CHAPEAU is huge trend. So, Ines one Bravo goes to you!
Second bravo is PLISEE skirts (from the last season and always in the next one). I really like pleated skirt, long or mid, it is always chic and elegant. 
And third, but also important bravo for this season, is LEATHER SHORT! Ines you have three bravo, so your success is guaranted!

Mihano Momosa

The second show was the collection by Mihano Momosa. Well, when i have got BFW magazin, and saw that little pic on the first page next to the very respectable names, I knew that success belongs to Momosa!

Mihailo Anusic is young designer and this is his first show! The collection (Olivera) is a combination of foamy materials, but still perfectly tailored dresses. 

My absolute favorite is a lace dress, of medium length, with details of white crystals. It reminds me of the Dolce and Gabbana s/s 2011, but I adore it. I want one for me, my blogger girl Vanja also, so Mihailo, please be quick! This guy says that he was inspired by love, is there something better?

Ana Sekularac

The third show in the first row was the fashion show by amazing and affirmed Ana Sekularac. That night Ana showed to us, of course her recognizable dresses. This creator loves to play with pleats (And again I must say that I adore plisee skirt) and layers. Ana's dresses are for the young women with attitude, but still romantic. You can choose from white-beige shades, to dark blue.

Tamara Radivojevic

The fourth, last but not least, show was the show by Tamara Radivojevic (Absolut Style by Tamara Radivojevic). Her collection was inspired by Helmut Newton. Perfect tailoring, perfectly packaged ... it's tamara's style! When I saw, I must say again plisee on the coat, I knew that that the whole collection will be wonderful. Please, do not kill me, because I'm obsessed with the pleats. Then, leather black jacket, perfect black blazer, cappucino brown long skirt....amazing! 

Last pic made by Frashion by Marina showed death on the runway!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Belgrade Fashion Week day V

Ok, sorry for no-posting these days, but I have not time...So, this will be one quick post.
You already know that Belgrade Fashion Week is running and IT is the biggest happening in our city. I will start with our young designers part I (cuz we will also see second part of our young hopes on 29.october).
Their show was on 26th October in Black Room at Belexpocentar. That night we saw 4 young designers: Iva Sokovic, Marko Marosiuk, Ivana Murisic, IVANMAN.

Let's begin:

Iva Sokovic 

Iva Sokovic has shown us : Modern Angels Like Us. She showed strong girls in looks-like-leather. She told me that she never use leather in her collections but she use wollen fabrics , waxed to look like leather. I like oversized jackets, coats, vests. My favorites are grey vest with oversize collar, pants and shirt with lwaxed sleeves.

Marko Marosiuk

This pink guy represented to us girls like angels in all-colors-of-pink, but also girls like seductress in the dark. His collection Part Of Your World includes romance, love, flutter...

 For a moment I came back to teenage days and puffy forms (his trademark). So enjoy in these photos. I really like transparent top of the dresses. Perfect Marko!

Ivana Murisic

Ivana Murisic and her collection Ode to the Sun is the third. She presented shiny-goldy clothes with pearls, fringes, silk... When we (my bloggers and I) saw one totally  cool piece (huge pelerine or  jacket with gold fringe) we urged a queen ADR! Perfect for her, also perfect for our legent Baby Doll!


And, the last one,but not collection by IVANMAN. This young designer showed to us collection which name is Transformation. It is characterized by strength, rigor, 'packed' looks . This was really good show and I like to see boys with some specific and different details (in this case origami details) on their clothes (on shirt).

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Sexy Back

All that sexy backs in fashion editorials! I adore this trend! Always IN! Always feminine! Enjoy in these photos! 

Try to have a wonderful weekend.

Cheer my dears!:)

 Why not?

His sexy back