Sunday, January 30, 2011

chocolat chaud

I adore to begin Sunday morning with a hot chocolate.There is nothing better for me....Thats I chose to introduce-Angelina.
If you go to Paris, do not miss café Angelina , located in Rivoli street. She (tea room) has best hot chocolate in the world. 
The hot chocolate experience at Café Angelina is sublime - you are served a large pitcher of dark, rich, creamy hot chocolate with your own pot of whipped cream. The chocolate had a great mouth feel. It was hot chocolate to the millionth power. It was as if I was tasting the chocolate flavor with my whole body...

Friday, January 28, 2011

topshop rings for s/s 2011

Topshop has made these gorgeous rings for spring/summer 2011. I love to play with them in daily look and for the evening. Turquoise is my absolute favorite color, and especially for cocktail rings! I think that they can absolutely brighten up an outfit and they are never out of style.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

french sole

French Sole are world famous for their range of award winning ballet flats, ballet pumps, ballerinas and other eclectic flat footwear by shoe designer Jane Winkworth. These ballet flats are so classic especially with its contrasting toe cap. Many IT girls wear them: Olivia P, Mischa B, Sienna and other chic girls who love french style....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

zara vs designer

Zara and Stella M.
Zara and Isabel Marant

Zara and Chanel
For all of us who hover while you watch - what's new on net-a-porter, I have not so bad solution. Ran to Zara and choose your favorite model for s / s 2011. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Johannes Huebl style

Johannes Huebl is a German model who became a (New York) household name when he started dating socialite and star of The City Olivia Palermo. The two were introduced by Daniel Benedict in 2008. Huebl has modeled for Saks 5th Avenue, Cole Haan, and Ungaro, and is known in some circles as "Joe Hotness"--with good reason, we might add.
Huebl gets his suits custom-made in a Paris shop, despises Blackberry's on the dinner table, and is frequently seen out and about with Olivia. You won't catch him on The City, however.
I adore his style. Each peace is carefully combined, but it seems tres legere...Guys, please call attention to him and copy his style even a little...:))

Monday, January 24, 2011

stars before & after

We should like to thank Rachel Zoe who has stabilized mrs Richie...God blessed her!
 But what about miss Chiara. One day I accidentally found these photos. Looks like Chiara's past life (and Fillipo Flora, her friend and also . Ok, everybody of us have mistakes- more or less, but this time I was shocked....and u? P.S. I will just say- Good job miss Blonde Salad!!:))


Looks like copy-paste girls...:))  Eva for PETA in 2007 and Kim in 2011....Haha...

Olivia for vogue espana

Vogue Spain with Olivia is amazing!!Here is the making of photos. She looks gorgeous and photos are perfect!

swimsuit for s/s 2011



JETS by Jessika Allen 

miu miu

miu miu

melissa odabash

melissa odabash

miu miu

jets by jessika alen

lisa marie fernandez



lisa marie fernandez



tara matthews

tara matthews

I can' t wait!!!I have to think about the sun,the sea when snowing.Im dying for the summer, beautiful weather. Simply, I cannot stand the winter (only in city). So, I decided to introduce new models that we will wear very soon my dear...:)) I dont know which I choose: one-shoulder, with a ruffle...Enjoy!!!