Monday, October 29, 2012

Cosmopolitan Making of+Outfit

Bonjour Lundi!

This week will be full of celebration, love, glamour and so so busy! My Bday is tomorrow and I can't wait to celebrate with my lovely closest people. You`ll be able to see all the posts about it some time later.
So, last Thursday, you have probably seen the post Bloggers in Cosmopolitan. Today, as promised, I give you the Making of post from that day. I have already introduced you with my outfit and finally you can see better photos of it. I want to thank Cosmopolitan team for making this.
And before you go be sure to pop over to these wonderful bloggers: Vanja, Marina, Andjela and Jovana.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Une Fille Comme Les Autres

Everyone lives for this day! Friday=Funday!

So, today just a quick post with my new hair style. I really like it. I like to have short hair. It feels so much more like me and I keep wondering why haven’t I done this before? Do you like it?
Something about my outfit: winter is coming, so I took out one of my favorite coats from the closet. It looks like Chanel, but it is Zara ( from 2 or 3 years ago). I chose all black look, but with mix of materials- tweed, silk, faux leather and velvet.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cosmopolitan Serbia November 2012

Hello my friends!

Do you remember my hair and make-up style from that post? I told you that it was for one famous magazine. So, here it is, a brand new Cosmopolitan November Issue
My bloggers ( Vanja, Marina, Jovana and Andjela ) and I received a call for photoshoting. The theme was- WHITE, so I chose white blazer and  lace blouse from Zara, faux leather pants from H&M and my current obsession- loafers. I wanted to upgrade my look with a good piece of jewelry, so my choice fell on ADR for H&M necklace. For some time, I really like retro vibe, especially on hair and make-up. So, Lana was my inspiration. 
Soon I will make a new post "making of", so you can be able to see our outfits better.

Have a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pastel Is The Name of The Game

Hello lovelies!

I can't believe that outside is so much gloomy, so much fog. So, today I will show you maybe the last outfit post for warm weather and surely the last one with a long hair. If you follow me on my facebook page, you can see that I have a NEW HAIR STYLE. So, I can't wait to show you.
This is one of my nonchalant comfortable look. I really like this combination of pastels (light blue+nude). I’m loving this boyfriend jeans cuffed look for a more casual day running around town.
Warm up and enjoy with a hot cup of coffee, tea, chocolate... with your love, friends or puppies!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Morning dears!

I can't believe the fact that we have such a beautiful weather in the last days in October. It is a nice opportunity to wear summer pieces for a while. So, I have decided to enjoy these sunny days and put my new flower pants from H&M. For more elegant look I wore all white look with a silver accent (shoes and my favorite necklace from ADR collection for H&M). For casual look I wear them with some converse or loafers and huge warm sweater (must-have for this season). 
I hope that you like my outfit?

P.S. Maybe, this is the last time that you see me with long hair...;)
P.P.S. Have a fabulous start to your week!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beautiful Day!

Happy Sunday friends!
It's time to rise and shine for the last sunny weekend (I hope this doesn't come up true). So, I still have cold. Comfy outfit+red lipstick+favorite bracelets+coffee with lovely Milica were recipe for a beautiful day!

Have a wonderful day!

P.S. My basic look must include:

  • black skinny jeans (Every girl needs in her closet a pair of super skinny jeans)
  • plaid shirt (Or just a basic V-neck shirt)
  • shoes for lord (You already spotted my obsession with all kinds of loafers. Believe me, there is no better flat shoe than loafers. Goes well with everything imaginable. Don't forget to get yourself a pair)
  • aviators (never goes out of style)
  • big black bag

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Black Magic Woman

Morning fashion people!
I'm still cold, but yesterday a friend of mine Ana took me out to a near cafe. So, I decided to show you the brand new outfit post. 
Yesterday I played with burgundy and leather (faux leather of course). My favourite for every fall (or winter) is a pair of leather leggins. These are from last year and they are really cozy. Also, I adore the color of my new hat and my new studded boots- perfect for long walking. 
This outfit is my kind of casual look. Casual is a boring word itself why not make it fun?! I love playing with my casual looks as it makes my mood for the whole day as well as influences people around me...
Feel free and have fun with everyday outfits!

Have a wonderful Wednesday friends!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Business Boys

Hello dear readers,
it is Tuesday and I'm feel really tired. I have a cold and I can't believe that outside is 19 degrees. I'm sorry, but I can't give you outfit post today. So, I'm prepared Inspiration post for business boys ( I know guys, I've neglected you). Today- Have some fun, Learn, Enjoy! Have a fabulous week! See you soon! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Just Call To Say I Love You

Hi my dears!

This fall weather should not disrupt you... Just watch your favorite movie, be with your love, open up a book with a hot cup of coffee, listen your favorite songs all day lond... or grab rainy boots ( of course they must be super special) and stroll to nearest cafe of store.
Before you go, check my new post. You can see elegant hair and make-up style because my bloggers and I had a shoot for one magazine that day (I will inform you more about that in some next post). I chose sweater with sparkly crystals on the shoulders and faux leather pants. Of course, I need my shoes for lord, ha for more chic look. I really like huge sweater and skinny pants for a retro moment.
Do you like it?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Anna Dello Russo For H&M Necklace

Hello shiny Monday!

Today, one special post with one special gift. Necklace direct from Paris from ADR for H&M. You've already know for my passion about this woman and also you've already know that mi diosa knows how to surprise me. Just remember stuff from Madrid :)!
So, a quick post with THE necklace with  green crystals (my favorite) from her collection. This statement design is a spectacular choice. See you soon...

Hope all of you have a super-shiny-sparkling week ahead!

Friday, October 5, 2012

I Watch Your Move And I Can't Think Straight

Happy Friday, friends!

Yesterday, I took my Carrie Bradshaw skirt for a spin in the city of. What is so amazing about one of my fav skirts?

Well, the story begins back in 2005, when I was in Paris. That year I fell in love with Carrie look and I wanted so much a tulle skirt. So, I found in Paris one store which was selling stuff for ballerinas. But, they didnt have skirt like hers or they didnt have skirt which I wanted. I must say that I was really dissapointed cuz that was my passion. I imagined all my outfits with that SKIRT, for days...for nights. Wandering around the city I accidentally bumped on this gorgeous item. Believe or not in H&M! Since than, it has occcupied a place of honor in my closet. 

I hope that you enjoyed my story and that you will enjoy in my sun-kissed outfit. I mixed a skirt with comfy blouse and studded jacket for a casual look, but I upgrade it with my new shoes for lord :), red lips and crystal earrings.

I hope all of you have a splendid weekend!

Skirt: H&M
Shirt: Amisu
Jacket: Miss60 ( 1, 2, 3, 4)
Loafers: Zara
Bag: Pepe Positano
Earrings: Hand-made
Watch: DKNY

Huge thank to Brana (from Divine world of fashion) for photos

Thursday, October 4, 2012

New In

New In post are here. Today, just two new pairs of shoes from my weekly visit. My dear shoes for lord ( finally they are on the right address) and leopard mid heels with red accent. 
I can’t even begin to say how amazed I am by Zara this season.  I have always been a big Zara fan, and this time around I know where my money will be going.

Do you like them? I can't wait to show you them in outfit posts.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oh Kenzo Sweater!

Paris, Kenzo, sweater, cool colors, comfy, 80s vibe, mix & match... one word: must-have!

Of course, you can see these sweaters on current fashion week streets, but I saw them on my dear Russian girls few month ago. It is really unbelievable. They are pioneers of any trend like famous sneakers with platform. They have wore them 2 years ago. So, after fashionista form RU, we can see on the other street style blogs and the last one who wears this amazing piece is Chiara. Nothing strange!
Anyway, enjoy in these pics! And mix your sweaters (in autumn colors) with loafers, heels, bikers... with flared skirt, plaid pants... with leather, brocate, different pattern for a modern chic look.  This is a youthful statement style. 
Fashion is a game! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Do You Feel My Heart Beating

Hello October! When this month begins I must say- Happy fall everyone! Maybe this is my season  ( yes, my BDAY is coming:)), but I'm not a big fan of it because of rainy and gloomy days. So, I like the weather like this, when you need some blazer or jacket or sweater. Bare leg are here of course, flowers too, but in calmer outfit (these pants have a black base, so you can wear them with black of course). 
Today, quick outfit post with my flower pants (you can see them here) in autumn way, peplum blazer (here and here) and patent leather heels.

Wish you wonderful week!

Blazer: Zara
Pants: DG
Heels: Mango
Belt: Blanco
Watch: DKNY
Sunnies: Zara

PH by my lovely G