Monday, November 28, 2011

Alexander McQueen Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Still with the late Alexander Lee McQueen’s mystically trademark, the British fashion label Alexander McQueen presents their latest holiday 2011 collection, featuring the brand iconic clutches and scarves with skull and Britain flag themes.
There are famous studded De-Manta totes and Britannia Skull Box clutches which are included in Fall Winter 2011-2012 Alexander McQueen collection, silk scarves with skull prints, as well as various skull silver and gold jewelries and additional items such as cane and umbrella with (again)  skull ornaments.

Our Love

As a title said, one word is enough to describe what I (we) feel towards them. This is an unusual post (It's not all about fashion). Enjoy in the  the following pictures. Do you have some pet? What is your favorite? 

P.S. This post is an introduction, because very soon, I'll introduce our little puppy...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Isabel Marant Bekkets Sneakers for 2012

One word: Must-Have! 
If you didn't get the sneakers for this season, you must have them for the next summer. Why? What is it about them?!
First of all, they are very comfortable, taking into consideration that they have a hidden wedge. This hidden wedge (inside sneakers) prolongs leg.
Second, they are good looking and you have seen them milion times on fashion editors, celebs and fashionistas...

What do you think of Isabel Marant sneakers?
Do you like collection for 2012?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let Me Be Your Fantasy

Another rainy day,
I would just lay in bed and do nothing. But coffee, pastries... bloggers gossip, made me to get out.
So, for today I chose basic black dress with these lika-a-biker boots. Also, I adore this tweed jacket. It remind me of the Isabel Marant. God bless Zara! Of course, in this post, I will introduce my gladiators rings and studs bracelet. Do you like attack-defence accessories? I totally felt in love with that.

Hope all of you enjoy this fall-like weather - I'm embracing it with open arms! 
I cannot wait to show you warmer looks.

bag:from Italy
bracelet:studs (Forever21), others (Accessorize and H&M)

 Big thank to my dear Vanja (Fashionandstyle) who made these photos