Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Johannes Huebl style

Johannes Huebl is a German model who became a (New York) household name when he started dating socialite and star of The City Olivia Palermo. The two were introduced by Daniel Benedict in 2008. Huebl has modeled for Saks 5th Avenue, Cole Haan, and Ungaro, and is known in some circles as "Joe Hotness"--with good reason, we might add.
Huebl gets his suits custom-made in a Paris shop, despises Blackberry's on the dinner table, and is frequently seen out and about with Olivia. You won't catch him on The City, however.
I adore his style. Each peace is carefully combined, but it seems tres legere...Guys, please call attention to him and copy his style even a little...:))


  1. A sa gornjih slika svuda odsecena ona... :)))
    da nje nema on bi bio samo obichan model... cini mi se. :)))

  2. Pa tako i kazu...Sve zahvaljujuci njoj...