петак, 17. јун 2011.

Harley Viera-Newton- new it girl!

 Her name is Harley Viera-Newton, the 22-year-old model who is the fashion industry’s newest celebrity DJ obsession, has certainly evoked her fair share of jealousy. 
Hailing from rock royalty, her father is a British record exec who signed the Spice Girls, and her mother is a Brazilian model turned fashion figure (co-founder of the Tom Binns jewelry line). 
With a string of A-list friends and supporters like Jay-Z, to whose label Roc Nation she was just signed, and Misha Barton, she’s already known as a girl who can make a party, club or a brand. 
Case in point, she’s the official D.J. and social ambassador for Dior’s makeup line. 
Do you like her?

15 коментара:

  1. slatka je. na poslednjoj ocaravajuca... :I

  2. na pretposlednjoj i poslednjoj fotki je bas slatka! mada iskreno dosta mi je tih cerki ovog i onog..

  3. jao kakva joj je ogrlica na ovoj poslednjoj (levo) slici, patim za njom! :)

  4. Bas je simpaticna... :))

  5. Preslatka je i bas mi se svidja njen stil! Cipele na posl. slici su to die for!:)

  6. Wuhaaaa, your Blog is great!!!!! I follow you now with Bloglovin and i hope, you follow me back darling <333