Monday, December 12, 2011

Maybelline NY Extravaganza Night

Last Thursday, my blogger friend Marina and I attended at Maybelline NY event in Belgrade's bar Promet. It was really extravaganza night: limousine, champagne, cocktails, canapés, perfect band, stylish people and of course make up!

That night, Maybelline team brought together editors,journalists,bloggers and celebrities to present a limited edition calendar for 2012. 

The inspiration behind the Maybelline calendar (shot by Kenneth Willardt) is a typical New York SoHo building where each tenant is a fabulous model living in her own eccentric world. For the key to perfection is responsible makeup artist Charlotte Willer, famous stylist Patricia Field, ("Sex & The City") and designer Michael Angel.

Are you ready for pictures from the toilet? These photos are the most popular among the beauties of Belgrade...So, We must do it! But,please our toilet is so chic! :PPP

P.S. Thank you Maybelline for including OnebyOne Volum' Express mascara in the gift bag. I can say that it is very good and très chic!

P.P.S. Thanks to my collegue Relja and his lovely girlfriend Una for the invitation!

Ph by Marina from FrashionbyMarina


  1. hehe, eto i moje kose :)

  2. Vidjela sam vec kod Marine,bas ste se provele!Pjevacica je totalno cool!;)

  3. Supe slike, mnogo su slatke devojke iz top modela.

  4. lepe zene, na lepom dogadjaju :)
    (vas dve jelte ;) )

  5. Hocemo cesce ovako! sa sve besplatnim parkingom! hihih :***

  6. beautiful pics!!amazing blog!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine,do the same!!

  7. Sjajne fotke, bas su prenele atmosferu!

    A za Promet garantujem, nisam jos bila(mada se spremam:), ali jako dobar prijatelj mi je ucestvovao u osmisljavanju enterijera+koncepta...moracu uskoro da se bacim na neku nepotisticku promociju tog mesta i na svom blogu :)

  8. bas si bila slatka! Fotke su odlicne, vidim da vam je super bilo, a i sladak je pokloncic, lepo su sve to osmislili...:)

  9. Već sam kod Marine komentirala kako su slike predobre :)

  10. vas dve slatkice :) bundaaa, mmmmmmm!