понедељак, 09. јануар 2012.

Fake New Year

A brand new week..My first post in new year and it is one late post. Sorry for no-posting these days, but you know it was time to celebrate, time for family, time for relax and unfortunately time for sickness. So, today I will show one fake editorial, one fake new year but with real girls. You have already seen in my previous post and on other blogs, but I want to represent more photos again. 
Our dear Vesna Filipovic  (Fashionela) was responsible for this spectacle and photos are made by Aleksandar Carevic.
Cheers to a productive and seamless week!


Once again big thank to Vesna for this great idea!!

11 коментара:

  1. svaka cast za fotke i zamisao :) vrlo originalno :)

  2. Amazing pictures! looks like you had much fun!


  3. Cure predivne ste već sam ove slike vidjela predobre su. Sex and the city :)

  4. jos jednom, svaka cast, predivne ste bile i odliiicna ideja!:):*

  5. Hvala!:))
    @jelena k i ja bih,ali sada negde na moru..:)

  6. super ! super nice ! these are fantastic shots!

  7. spinning around ... ;)
    super su vam slike ispale, i moze ta fake al na moru :) :**