Friday, May 25, 2012

In Spite of the Rain!

Ok, the rain will apparently not be stopping for the entire weekend, so I am surrounding myself with pretty pictures to make me smile and stay positive.
Check out a few of my favorite things from this week:

  • Brand new song from gangsta Nancy Sinatra HERE
  • Give your nails new summer color, my fav is THIS
  • I want sun, so for current rainy days I wear jelly Marc flat, you can see it HERE
  • Find your perfect weekend look,  for me: striped shirt (which I'm always in) and a bun. 
  • Find perfect t-strap sandal (my must-have for summer)
  • Be with Him all weekend and light your fav candle
Tata for now, and I'll see you all back here on Monday!


  1. Amazing photos! Total summer inspiration!

    The Niknok Style

  2. super inspiracija :)
    xoxo Sienna

  3. pruge, pundja, voda ... uzivanje.... :)