петак, 05. октобар 2012.

I Watch Your Move And I Can't Think Straight

Happy Friday, friends!

Yesterday, I took my Carrie Bradshaw skirt for a spin in the city of. What is so amazing about one of my fav skirts?

Well, the story begins back in 2005, when I was in Paris. That year I fell in love with Carrie look and I wanted so much a tulle skirt. So, I found in Paris one store which was selling stuff for ballerinas. But, they didnt have skirt like hers or they didnt have skirt which I wanted. I must say that I was really dissapointed cuz that was my passion. I imagined all my outfits with that SKIRT, for days...for nights. Wandering around the city I accidentally bumped on this gorgeous item. Believe or not in H&M! Since than, it has occcupied a place of honor in my closet. 

I hope that you enjoyed my story and that you will enjoy in my sun-kissed outfit. I mixed a skirt with comfy blouse and studded jacket for a casual look, but I upgrade it with my new shoes for lord :), red lips and crystal earrings.

I hope all of you have a splendid weekend!

Skirt: H&M
Shirt: Amisu
Jacket: Miss60 ( 1, 2, 3, 4)
Loafers: Zara
Bag: Pepe Positano
Earrings: Hand-made
Watch: DKNY

Huge thank to Brana (from Divine world of fashion) for photos

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  1. Mindjuse su predivne, i obozavm te celu u ovom fazonu!

  2. Izvini, ali ne vidim slicnost izmedju tvoje suknje i one koju na slici nosi Carrie?

    1. Poenta je u suknji od tila. Davne 2005 i nije bas mogla na svakom cosku da se nadje. A Kerina je vise ova:
      Hvala na javljanju! Pozdrav:)

    2. that's more like it :) iako je ova zelena so fluffy i'm gonna die :)

    3. :)!
      Aham... Samo bi balerine resile posao:)

  3. Love the jacket and the skirt! :)


  4. Draga Jovana, mindjuse su divne! Gde bih mogla da ih kupim? :) Pozdrav, Zorana

    1. Draga Zorana,
      mindjuse mi je napravio jedan gospodin, po narudzbini, tako da ne mogu da se kupe.

  5. super outfit :)
    sve mi se svidja :)


  6. Dopada mi se, mindjuse su mi predivne kao i 'lordovske' cipelice :)

  7. odlicno od glave do pete..just perfect! jaoo kako smo ljubomrone da mozete jos da nosite kratke stvari! :)

  8. Prava Keri iz Pariza :}


  9. Predivno je sve, prelijepa si... lp

  10. predivno! volim tu stranu ulice pod suncem, nekako je uvek spec. Kombinacija je divna, mindjuse volim naj...posebno ovako iskombinovane uz lezerniju, dnevnu varijantu ;)