понедељак, 04. јул 2011.

Style crush girl

Her name is Sara Battaglia. She was born in 1986 and she is sister of big Gia Battaglia who's my muse (and her muse also) for long time ago. Giovanna paraded her bags around the globe.
Sara Battaglia is a new and exclusive handbag. She has already 3 seasons collection. The Spring/Summer 2011 collection is inspired by elegant ladies of the 1970’s. Soft colours of beige, grey, cognac, green, coral, yellow and black and white are featured in this new collection as well as a cascade of fringes; which represent the femininity of a woman when she walks and dances. 
You can buy these babies in Colette, LuisaviaRoma, Symphony...and other superchic stores....

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  1. Ova cetvrtasta nude ostrich mi je mmmmmmmm :)))

  2. nisam bas odusevljena, ali ova nude kod giovanne mi je kul

  3. kako dore torbe! sanjam o onoj zelenoj sa resicama!

  4. prelepe su, torba na 6 slici mi je savrsena. Ja sam skoro napravila blog :) http://whateveryouwearalwaysdresstokill.blogspot.com/