недеља, 10. јул 2011.

New (old) style crush girl

Her name is Natuka Karkashadze. She is from Georgia. I found her on Fb, long time ago. She has super-chic style and I call her mix-girl because Natuka knows how it works ...And also you have seen her amazing style on my blog:  here and here...Natuka is a stylist and journalist, wearing her own designs. She  rocks again on Paris Couture 2011...Enjoy in her Paris-chic outfits...

6 коментара:

  1. loveee it!


  2. Nisam znala cime se bavi i stalno sam se pitala kako je ima svuda! :) super je!

  3. Jel samo meni podseca na Lady Gagu? :D