Friday, October 28, 2011

Belgrade Fashion Week day V

Ok, sorry for no-posting these days, but I have not time...So, this will be one quick post.
You already know that Belgrade Fashion Week is running and IT is the biggest happening in our city. I will start with our young designers part I (cuz we will also see second part of our young hopes on 29.october).
Their show was on 26th October in Black Room at Belexpocentar. That night we saw 4 young designers: Iva Sokovic, Marko Marosiuk, Ivana Murisic, IVANMAN.

Let's begin:

Iva Sokovic 

Iva Sokovic has shown us : Modern Angels Like Us. She showed strong girls in looks-like-leather. She told me that she never use leather in her collections but she use wollen fabrics , waxed to look like leather. I like oversized jackets, coats, vests. My favorites are grey vest with oversize collar, pants and shirt with lwaxed sleeves.

Marko Marosiuk

This pink guy represented to us girls like angels in all-colors-of-pink, but also girls like seductress in the dark. His collection Part Of Your World includes romance, love, flutter...

 For a moment I came back to teenage days and puffy forms (his trademark). So enjoy in these photos. I really like transparent top of the dresses. Perfect Marko!

Ivana Murisic

Ivana Murisic and her collection Ode to the Sun is the third. She presented shiny-goldy clothes with pearls, fringes, silk... When we (my bloggers and I) saw one totally  cool piece (huge pelerine or  jacket with gold fringe) we urged a queen ADR! Perfect for her, also perfect for our legent Baby Doll!


And, the last one,but not collection by IVANMAN. This young designer showed to us collection which name is Transformation. It is characterized by strength, rigor, 'packed' looks . This was really good show and I like to see boys with some specific and different details (in this case origami details) on their clothes (on shirt).

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  1. Great photos!! I think the prom style dresses are quite cute! I also looove the leather jacket in the 1st photo.

    One thing I notice that is different from london fashion week the Belgrade models are all attractive where the London lot look a bit like skinny aliens!

  2. hehe....belgrade models are really great!!:)

  3. ivini prsluci i pantalone, zlatni ADR plast :) i ivanman kaput .... ma divno!

  4. @vanja heh...a svi lajkuju slike..:)keri!!

  5. pa vi ste na ovoj reviji sedele ocigledno bliyu i ja sam obusevljena Murinim ylatom,xaxa

  6. uh kako su vam divne slike.. zao mi je sto nisam tu :-(

  7. ivana murisic mi izgleda dosta dobro...ovo ostalo,kao i u hrvatskoj,uglavnom crno prevladava a to bas i ne volim..

  8. Drago mi je što moda mladih dizajnera u Srbiji postaje brend. Bravo za Ivanu Murisic i njene kolege.