Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Catherine Deneuve Style

Ok, all super-stylish girls know who she is: French actress - blah,blah,blah...!If  u do not know this-kill yourself ...:)
Today, I will introduce her style. So sleek.So chic. I adore her hair and makeup. My favorite movies are Belle De Jour and Les Parapluies De Cherbourg. I love all the outfits. Especially, when she wore ribbon in her hair.

In Belle De Jour, Catherine wore many of YSL's designs. He was her very good friend.

The screen caps from these two movies have given me extra much fashion and hair inspiration.
Catherine Deneuve shares a joke with friend Yves Saint Laurent, backstage at his fashion show, Paris 1968.
Yves Saint Laurent’s final show, in January 2002


  1. awwww, ja je OBOZAVAM! (to mi zbog mame..kada sam bila mala, stalno mi je govorila- ti si mamina catherine deneuve i sophia loren:))))))
    divan post..divna retrospektiva

  2. So sleek.So chic!:)) Preslatka mi je, i podseca malo na Grace Kelly!:)

  3. @all hvala...:)
    @Dijana-I meni je to od mame, s tim sto su njoj govorili da ona lici:)
    @Stasha-podseca, to je ta era...:)Prelepe zene...

  4. obozavam je, uvek je bila divna i danas je... dama u svakom smislu te reci...