Thursday, February 10, 2011

MUST-HAVE striped shirt

As worn by many timeless icons, such as the elegant Audrey Hepburn and the striking Jean Seberg, this classic piece of clothing exudes the same grace and flair when incorporated in an outfit.

Did you know that the Breton shirt was first popularized by the French in 1858 when they made blue and white stripes as part of their navy’s uniforms? Later on, the stripes made their way into new wave films, and it has, since then, caught the eyes of many designers, from then’s Coco Chanel to today’s Jean Paul Gaultier.

Aside from the French, the Italians have also made the traditional striped shirt a signature costume. Whenever I see these stripes, I can’t help but associate them with the gondoliers of Venice.
Nothing else says “nautical” more perfectly than the striped shirt, don’t you agree? With thoughts of cruising in a yacht or a sailboat, channel your inner sailor by partnering the top with anchor prints or a bottom with rows of gold buttons, and feel saucy in your imaginary seafaring adventure.

There are so many ways to wear this classic piece, so don’t be afraid to be bold with it and to add your personal twist to it!

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Petit Bateau

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen


  1. To mi najnajnajomiljeniji odevni predmet! Prelepo stoji, najlepse u kombinaciji sa crvenim, njam!

  2. obozavam je!
    ali nemam nijeeednu, chak nisam stigla ni da uzmem ovu u PP, jer su se rasporodale dok sam ja reagovala :(
    a ova sa mashnom mi je tiha patnja

  3. Obozavam pruge...Planiram da za prolece sto vise "mornarske" garderobe kupim...:)))Obozavam taj stil!:)))

  4. obozavam! tako jednostavno a efektno, nista bolje od toga!

  5. I meni je ...So french.Koliko samo tamo ljudi to nosi,nezamislivo je..:)
    Jelena:Sto se tice te majce sa masnom,nikad je necu prezaliti...Valjda ce nesto slicno biti...:)
    Hvala girls...:))

  6. Najpre, predivan izbor slika!
    A sam komad je kao sto si i rekla klasika...neprolazno!
    Imala nekoliko varijanti, ali tragam za novom!:)